The Heart Has Reasons by Mark Klempner

Selected Articles by Mark Klempner

Roadside Assistance Costa-Rican Style
The Christian Science Monitor
4 June 2010

Hope 2.0: Standing With Obama over the Long Haul
The Huffington Post
26 August 2009

A Natural Foods Junkie at McDonald's
The Christian Science Monitor
24 March 2009

How Much Damage Has Eight Years of Conservative Rule Done to Americans' Psyches?
29 October 2008

Hybrid cars get compliments - why not my bike?
The Christian Science Monitor
6 June 2008

The Ravaging Effects of Capitalism on My Hometowns
31 March 2008

Note from Mark Klempner: “The title of this article was chosen by my Alternet editor. I am not anti-capitalist, but rather believe that capitalism must be internally and/or externally regulated so as to promote worker rights, environmental sustainability, etc.”

A Conversation with Tracy Kidder about Mountains Beyond Mountains
The Huffington Post
16 March 2008

The Internet: Our Last Hope for a Free Press
28 September 2007

Don't let technology take over
The Christian Science Monitor
25 June 2007

Time for new Marshall Plan to rebuild, heal world
The Baltimore Sun
11 April 2007

Good News from Costa Rica
National Catholic Reporter
14 July 2006

Honoring Mothers in a Big Way
The Raleigh News & Observer
15 May 2006

Robertson’s Remarks Reflected the President’s
National Catholic Reporter
16 September 2005

Forgiveness and Hope in the China Cabinet
National Catholic Reporter
7 May 2004

Fearing ‘Munich’ Bush misread Baghdad
The Raleigh News & Observer
31 August 2004

On Character and Torture
Flak Magazine
4 June 2004

Navigating Life Review Interviews With Survivors of Trauma
Oral History Review
Summer/Fall 2000

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