The Heart Has Reasons by Mark Klempner

Comments on Presentations

Mark Klempner is one of the most highly rated speakers at the North Carolina Humanities Forum, a speakers bureau he has been affiliated with for five years. The following are some unedited comments taken from speaker evaluation forms that were handed out at random after his talks, and filled out anonymously by members of the audience:

“Breathtaking. I cannot find the words to express how much his presentation meant to me.”

“He was able to tailor his program to a sophisticated audience, as well as to a more general audience unfamiliar with the topic. He answered each question from the audience very thoughtfully. Excellent presentation.”

“His sensitivity and caring increased my understanding of the Holocaust, and made it more personal.”

“I was moved and inspired. He made me realize the importance of going the extra mile for another. Makes us search for bravery and goodness within ourselves.”

“He has a great talent of taking people into the oral histories he has documented. Plus he has a big love for his work—that level of dedication is scarcely found.”

“The audio excerpts he brought from his interviews were phenomenal!”

“Watching this lecture really moved me. It opened my eyes to a part of our past that I was not fully aware of. I could see in Mr. Klempner's eyes that he was deeply moved. I know I was, and I'd like to believe that everyone in that room was... If anyone needed an example to live by, then I would say that last night, we heard about five or six (at least).”

“Mark was thoughtful and inspiring. His stories of these righteous people should be heard by all.”

©2006 Mark Klempner