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Rescuers during the Holocaust: Articles

This bibliography lists articles written in English which discuss the lives and actions of rescuers during the Holocaust. It is intended as a supplement to the main bibliography of books on this subject. In putting together this listing of articles, I am depending almost entirely on the recommendations of those who bring them to my attention. I don't guarantee to achieve anything approaching complete coverage of the published articles on the subject. I would very much appreciate hearing about more articles to add to this list.


                A wonderful extended article about Walter Süskind, a Dutch rescuer who fraternized with the                                     Nazi in charge of deportations while secretly rescuing thousands of Jewish children.
             A thoughtful article that explores the significance of the rescuers' actions to practitioners of
             various disciplines, as well as to all of humanity.

          For suggestions, corrections, and additions, contact Mark Klempner at [email protected]


Updated February 2005